Intern Spotlight

Electro-Active Technologies is developing Waste to X solutions, reducing pollution and generating hydrogen as a zero emission fuel, and other products from waste such as fertilizer for a cleaner and brighter future. Research and development is focused on process optimization and scale-up of our modular system, and interns play a key role in this effort. Below are stories from past interns and their experiences with Electro-Active

I accepted an internship position with Electro-Active Technologies because I believed that as a member of the team I would be empowered to contribute to the development and commercialization of "green" energy technologies.

Walking into my laboratory training was the equivalent of seeing the research lab in Jurassic Park for the first time. Instead of growing dinosaurs however, we were growing colonies of electro-active biofilm-forming microbes which generated electrons.

I remember being told to "fail fast, fail often" when addressing problems, and this presented a new perspective that allowed me to perform my job with a reduced fear of failure and make choices with less wasted time from second-guessing myself