Job Openings

Biomolecular Engineering Fellow

Electro-Active is looking for a Ph.D. Biomolecular Engineer to investigate microbial biofilm communities involved in degradation of organic waste and production of electrons. Understanding the complex interactions in these communities is useful to gain insights into synergistic effects, which can lead to improved performance.

The goal is to use the information to design and develop microbial electrolysis systems for sustaining high levels of hydrogen production from food waste. The position will lead and assist in the execution of experiments to optimize community performance across different scales and reactor designs. The ideal candidate will have a highly successful academic record, experience in laboratory work related to microbial communities, waste conversion, biomass/biopolymer utilization and high attention to detail, and the capability to lead research tasks. An interest in sustainability and next-generation renewable energy technology as well as desire to work in a dynamic, fast-pace startup environment is a plus.


    • Characterize microbial communities via genomic and omics studies

    • Identify structure-function relationships in complex communities using data from the metagenomics studies

    • Isolate potential candidates and examine growth characteristics

    • Understand effect of process and design changes on composition and function.

    • Guide and train interns in conducting microbial studies


    • Ph.D. in molecular biology, biochemical engineering, or microbiology with experience in community analysis

    • Experience in omics analysis and genomic data management

    • Research in quorum sensing and signaling in biological systems


    • Previous experience with bioelectrochemical systems including microbial fuel cells or microbial electrolysis cells

    • Expertise in synthetic communities and understanding of inter-species relationships.


    • Ph.D. in molecular biology, biochemical engineering, or microbiology with experience in community analysis

Interested candidates please submit a resume and cover letter to Location: Knoxville, TN. Relocation package will be provided. The position will remain open until filled. Candidates with less experience may be considered for internship positions.